Maximise your winning chances at online roulette

If you ever read anything which says there’s some kind of system for winning at roulette – then, to put it politely, it’s a falsehood. The laws of probability state that you can’t win out at roulette if you play long enough. But you can get lucky and you can help put the laws of probability a little more on your side to maximise your chances of winning.

First off – choose the right provider. The fact is that the highly competitive world of online casinos means that providers have to offer ever increasingly generous incentives – and that’s great news for punters because we can take advantage of all the welcome bonuses on offer and other special loyalty bonuses etc.

Have a look at Betfair’s roulette games here, for example, then check out the joining bonus and you should be off to a flying start straight away with your wagers.

What’s more, the zero lounge at Betfair means there is no house edge so you have an equal chance with the bank of winning.

Otherwise, always choose European roulette versions as here, the house edge is slightly lower than American roulette versions. On a European roulette wheel, there’s just one zero, but in American versions of roulette, there’s also the double zero – thus pushing the house edge a little further out of our favour. All bets on both roulette wheel versions are paid out at odds for 36 numbers only. So with European roulette, the house’s edge is simply the zero. This translates to a European house edge of 2.7% versus a U.S. house edge of 5.26% and this creates a huge cumulative difference if you play long enough.

Now the next point may be obvious if you’re a mathematical type of person, but for anyone who isn’t it’s important to bear in mind that all previous spins are completely irrelevant. If the roulette ball has gone to red for the last five spins, it is no more or less likely to do so again on the next spin (unless there’s a mechanical fault with the wheel of course but this just doesn’t happen – and certainly not with online versions!).

If you win early on – try and bank a profit and make sure you don’t go below whatever figure you’ve set yourself. This may take some real self-discipline, but if you haven’t got that then maybe this isn’t the game for you anyway. Also – never bet more than you can afford to lose. However thin the margin may be – the house still does have the edge so gambling on roulette should only ever be for entertainment and fun. Good luck!