Pop Bingo with Paddy Power online casino

Recently I have started playing online bingo because my local bingo hall has stopped doing weekly games as there just isn’t enough attending to justify keeping it going.

I’m really starting to miss it so I’ve started to explore some online bingo sites. I’m not really a big fan of doing things online as I prefer to see how my hand is being played in person. I guess I trust this method more, I’m never sure if these online sites might be rigged and are maybe not quite as random as they claim to be. Call me a sceptic!

I found an online casino called Paddy Power which has a bingo game called Pop Bingo. It’s a bit boring as there isn’t really much personal involvement but still it beats sitting at home not playing at all!

Basically it randomly selects a bingo card for you then the popcorn starts popping up and selects the numbers, simulating the bingo number reader. When the popcorn pops and selects one of your randomly selected numbers this then crosses off on your card.

You basically win money depending on how many pops it takes for you to get all your number selected.

This is where I am a bit sceptical as to how random these online casinos really are. Basically I keep on reaching the same amount of pops when all my numbers get crossed off. Meaning I’m not really making much money at the moment.

So out of interest I wrote down the numbers one to ten and played ten times. Each time I played I wrote down how many pops it took to get all my numbers crossed off.

Nine out of ten times it took me eighty six plus pops to cross all my numbers off! The more pops obviously the less money. Only once did I make twenty pence by crossing off all my numbers with seventy nine pops, only one less than eighty.

Call me old fashioned but this leaves me feeling a little bit sceptical about how random these online sites really are.