Progressive Slots

You will be surprised to find out that when we speak about progressive jackpot on slot game, we do not mean one machine in particular. Speaking of progressive jackpots, it is generally meant a network of different slots, which are linked together. That's how the jackpot will get really high in no time. The description of progressive jackpot is easy. Part of the money that people have used to make their spins on the slot machines is taken away. This money, which is taken, goes for the jackpot. If more people play, this will make the progressive jackpot bigger. There is a special set of symbols that you will have to receive to hit the jackpot.

There are a lot of differences when we speak about progressive jackpot and fixed jackpot. First of all, the only one thing that determines how big the jackpot is going to be is the amount of people who have played on the slot machines, which are linked together. Also, the amount of money that is spent on these machines is really important. That's why in some cases, the fixed jackpot could be bigger when compared to the progressive jackpot. However, in most of the cases, the progressive jackpot is way bigger than the fixed jackpot. There are three types of jackpots, which are progressive. Knowing this will let you know what to do and it will better your performance.

Progressive Jackpot - Stand Alone

If you play slots, which have this kind of jackpot, you will notice several things. First of all, the machine with Stand Alone jackpot is not linked to any other machine. This means that only who play on this machine will increase the jackpot. For some people it is really convenient but it limits the amount of jackpot.

Progressive Jackpot - In-House

When you play slot machines with In house progressive jackpot, you will notice that only the machines in the casino are linked together to add to the jackpot. The chances for you to hit the jackpot are bigger and the jackpot will increase faster.