Slots Rules

Slots. It is a game for centuries. It is has been around for a while. All the players and casinos found mutual benefit in this game. That is why the casinos have the largest gaming room for the slots parlors and the players play this game more than any other casino game.

The rules of the game are extremely easy. If you want to feel retro effect of the slot machines, you should turn to the land casinos, where it is still possible to find them. But now it is really difficult to find any reel machine, which would not operate due to random number generator.

How to Play Slots

Nowadays all the slots are very similar in operating, as you will be able to see on You put your bill or your coin into the machine, push the button (rarely pull the lever) and play the game. Actually you are expecting the miracle to happen.

In the video slots you can also choose the pay lines. There can be several dozens of the pay lines and the bet is increased each time you want to add another pay line, which can possibly bring you to the winnings. If you are not playing progressive slots, you may not choose to play maximum quantity of coins.


There are different types of symbols, which are used in slots. Except average symbols, there are special symbols. One type of them is called wild symbols. This type of symbols can replace any symbol in the pay line. That is how the winning pay line can be formed.

There is another type called scatter symbols. If this type of symbols shows up on a pay line in a certain combination, it can give more chances to win. For example, scatter symbol can trigger a series of the free spins or some bonus games.

There are also multiplier symbols, which multiply the winnings of the player. It is really good, if the credits are increased by a large sum of money. Also the winnings can be added to the player's account and he will be able just to push the "Replay" button to repeat the game.


There is only one conclusion, which is called "Use your brain in gaming!" No matter how simple and easy the slots can seem, always check the rules of each machine you are going to gamble. You should also read the pay table as it reveals various peculiarities of the machine and the possible winnings.