Main Online Casino Statistics

Online casino games were initially played without much seriousness put in to them, just as a great way to have fun and make some money. But the last decade has seen significant revolution to basically every part of the online games. The number of games increased and also the rules, bets and even the equipments used. The progressive growth of the online casino has seen exponential increase in the amount of revenue accrued from the development. Online casino games support and maintain many projects and offer great choice on entertainments for visitors.

Pathological Gambling

The growth of the new online gambling method has faced many rejections from countries where gambling is prohibited or partially restricted. Though most people can gamble without any harm to their mental health, it is estimated that at least 3% of the entire gambling struggles from what is termed a pathological gambling, the problem which is caused by constant and long periods invested in playing the casino game. Pathological gambling is officially considered as a clinical disorder which medications can be prescribed to cure it.

Online Versions of Traditional Casinos

The internet gambling arena is filled with many sites which are mostly not connected to the land-based casinos, though some of the casinos start to create their web-sites in order to attract even more visitors. Besides, online casino guarantees constant revenue especially for places which are famous among casino players. No set standard rules and regulations apply for the online gambling thus the players basically play at their own risk, as well as in traditional casinos. On the bright side, online casinos more often introduce new games such as Red Dog - software and rules explained in great detail in order to avoid any misunderstandings.

Free and Money-Paid Games

The games where initially introduced to be played for free but in 1998 more games had the premium section where players could play for cash as the bet. Still, today free casinos do exist, as there are people who rather have no possibility to play for money, or for whom it is prohibited. Teenagers are now avid players and it is estimated that 4% of the kids have a gambling problem. The percentage is likely to rise as gambling is now available for anyone as no one can check your personality via your account info at casino.

Growth of Online Gambling

The online gambling industry is a big employer and number of the casinos is rising every year, the sites similarly are on the rise and new ways are also being invented like the live casino games on TV. The yearly turn over of the casinos is estimated to have been 13 billion in the year 2010 and it is expected that these numbers will rise.

 Online gambling unfortunately attracts criminal activities; money laundering is increasing at an alarming rate. Banking and gaming officials did not see the online casinos as platforms but the recent change of events has acted as the wake up call to put more serious look on the rules that apply to the vice. The statistics seems to be rising every year and this is going to be the trend since the internet technology is advance a fact that will force the industry to diversify in order to accommodate more clients.