Systems in casino games

There are a lot of staking systems used in casino and betting games that you can play through with your Unibet bonus after registration, some of which are more popular than others.

One of the most common systems with Unibet players is Martingale and this can be used in games where the odds of success are even money, which is always a bonus!

In basic terms, this strategy requires you to increase your stake after a losing game. For it to work though, you need to double the stake you played in the previous game. The theory suggests that if you keep following this pattern, eventually you will have a winning game in which you will not only win back any previous losses but you will make a profit from your session.

For example, this is used in roulette without a lot of people actually knowing they are using it. If they start off by placing £10 on black and the ball drops onto a red number on the wheel, in the very next draw the punter will then place £20 on black. If successful on this occasion they will return £40. They would have spent £30 in total therefore show a profit of £10.

If you have a large bankroll this system is likely to work for you because you will be able to withhold a run of bad results and probability suggests eventually you will get a result that goes your way. However, if your bankroll isn’t very big, you could end up losing everything if you suffer a fruitless sequence. This is the danger you should be aware before you consider using the Martingale system. If you are afraid of losing all, avoid chasing losses and play level stakes throughout your session. You may still end up losing your bankroll but it is likely to last much longer than if you went with Martingale.