Up the Steps

Up the steps is known to be the betting method, slot machine strategy, that can provide both physical slots gambling and online slot gaming with the simple and working system how to play slots and win.

Up the steps is known to be widely used, alongside the other strategies like naked pull, loss limits, chicken strategy, etc. It is widely accepted that slots are the game of chance; still many people believe there is an array of winning ways where the gamer can make particular decisions and take particular actions that can result in positive gambling outcome.

However, the major idea of the up the steps method remains the minimum betting until the gamer gains the winning, after that the gamer can increase the bets to the next level.


The primary concept of the up the steps strategy is known to be the following: start with the minimum betting and gradually pass over to the raising of the betting amount until the pay back is reached.

It should be admitted that in 3 coin slots, it is preferable to bet max at once. In the case when the gamers do not bet maximum they are deprived of the chance to win the ultimate prize – jackpot. It is essential to note that up the steps strategy is not considered to be the progressive means of slots gambling, but most likely the careful manner –like way of gambling.

Reasons to implement

There are several obvious reasons for the strategy to be used in practice:

• Gamers that keep an eye on their bankrolls and are eager to widen them for as long as possible have an opportunity to benefit, indeed.

• It is a good solution for the gamers that like to play slots at online casinos rather slowly, for long periods of time.

• Even those slots gamers that are quite skeptic and think that it is impossible to get the chance of hitting the largest jackpot sooner or later find out that up the steps is very productive slots strategy of winning slots.

In general, it is essential to mind that the following strategy typically is aimed at creating the situations where players, while they are losing, keep betting minimum and moving on to the further levels betting the maximum, while they are winning. The strategy is recommended for the most cautious gamers.