War Card Game - Effortless, yet Unpredictable

In the world of gambling games, it's the wide diversity of choice, disposable for people, which, in fact, plays the most important part, much because of the fact that they have a chance to vary their gaming experience and eventually find the most suitable variation. You can always play some free online slots.

In this respect, whereas some options, like blackjack, or casino roulette game, for instance, presuppose the player's precise knowledge of possible moves and betting options, in case if he/she's interested in winning, there can be also distinguished much simpler games, which require one's understanding of the actual playing procedure only. Most of the latter are generally opted for, if a person wishes to have fun, test his/her luck and wouldn't mind earning some money, of course.

Among a variety of new casino games, which are effortless to master, it's War card game, in particular, which can be played even by the most inexperienced gamblers, and the essence of it lies in winning all the cards from the deck, usually consisting of 52 cards (though some war card game alternations include jokers as well).

As a matter of fact, the only essential thing for a player, willing to try War card game is to remember the way, in which card values are ranked, e.g. 2s are considered the smallest cards, while aces possess the highest value. With 2, 3 or more players being involved in the game, the deck is distributed among them at the very beginning, and every person receives the equal amount of cards. Then, each move presupposes one's taking the upper card from his/her "pile", faced down, and revealing it to the rivals. The one, whose card has the highest value, wins, takes all cards and puts them at the bottom of the "pile".

At the same time, if at least 2 players turn out to have opened the same-value cards, the "war" is declared, a faced down card is put on the opened one, whereas the very next card from the pile is showed openly, and the gamer, whose card has the higher value, will win all the cards in this "war".

The gambler, who will lose all cards first, will lose, whereas if one gets all pack of cards, he/she will be a winner.

As the above-described version of War card game is more, than simple, there has already been invented the more risky alternation, in which the "declaration of war" requires 3 cards to be put faced down, before the check card is opened. Moreover, in another modified variation, the player usually takes a set of first 3 cards from his/her pile and decides, which one should be opened, without knowing, which card the next player will show. Such gaming option requires developed observation skills from the side of the gambler, as he/she should clearly understand which cards his/her rivals may still possess.

Much due to the simplicity of War card game, and its end result being really hard to predict in advance, this gambling option is highly admired in different parts of the world, from the US to Russia, the latter version being often called "P'yanitsa", and every gambler shouldn't, certainly, miss the opportunity to try it.