Winning Slots

Winning slots is known to be the primary goal of any slots gambler. However, winning slots is considered to be not so easy as far as the slots are known to be the game of chance.

Nevertheless, there are some widely used winning slots tools, especially while gambling at physical slots. Among them there are the following:

• Light wand

• Monkey wire

• Cashbox theft

• Drilling

• Sabotage

• Money cheats, etc.

Light wand

Light wand is known to be the specific device that was invented by the well-known slot machine cheater – Tommy Glenn Carmichael. It is pretty similar to the monkey wire; however, it was invented later, when monkey wire no longer worked. It is considered to be the simple mechanism consisting of the wire, light bulb, and tiny battery.

Monkey wire

It is also the invention of the above mentioned sophisticated slots gambler, but a bit older, consisting of the wire that was designed to be inserted into the free video slots with the help of coin hopper.

Cashbox theft

Though, it is known to be less romantic way of winning slots, however it was admitted to be the most effective way of money stealing from the casinos. As far as all slot machines dispose the so called tubular locks, cashbox theft provides the following deeds: it is possible to using lock decoder to get the key to the bank actually without even opening the slots.


Drilling is another sophisticated means of winning slots. However, it is known to be more one of the slots myths rather than fact. The idea is to drill the small hall in slots machine in order to insert the device that can either electronically of physically influence the payout outcome.


It is also one of the winning slots ways, however quite difficult to realize. It demands either the inside casino worker or excellent programming skills.

Money cheats

In early days of slots history cheating was as easy as playing slots. Today there is a lot of money che4ats used in order to increase winning odds. Among them the most common are:

• Coin and string

• Shaved coins

• Money counterfeit

• Tokens counterfeit

• Saved tokens

• Slugs

• Foreign coins

• Coin emulation

• Fraud with bill validators, etc.

Thus, there are a lot of means how to win at slots. Which one to choose is up to the gamers. Good luck!